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Bus Ticket – God’s Calendar Name __________________________________________

The Gregorian calendar is internationally the most widely used civil calendar. It is named after Pope Gregory, who introduced it in 1582. It was a refinement to the Julian calendar involving an approximately 0.002% correction in the length of the calendar year, to align more closely with the solar year. (From Wikipedia)

1. What is the Gregorian calendar based on? __________________________________________________________________

2. What do these abbreviate? AD _____________________________ ACE _________________________________________

3. What is a leap year and why do we have them? ______________________________________________________________

The Hijri calendar has 354 or 355 days per year (12 lunar months). It is used in Islamic countries to mark the time since 622 AD when Islam became a religion. The current Islamic year is 1439 AH (Year of Migration)

4. What problem comes with a calendar based only on the moon? ______________________________________________

5. What problem comes with a calendar based only on the sun? ________________________________________________
Genesis 1:14-19
6. What was the original calendar based on? __________________________________________________________________
Exodus 12:1-6 & 13:3-4
7. Why are lunar months used in Old Testament times? ________________________________________________________

8. In what month did the Exodus take place; what does that name mean? _______________________________________

Occasionally a 13th month was added to keep the seasons aligned. This is why Easter comes later in some years.
A lunar cycle lasts about 29.53 days, but in ancient times people counted 30 days per month. They also counted 12 lunar cycles for every solar cycle instead of the 12.36 cycles that our modern calendar accommodates. The prophet Ezekiel predicted that Israel would be punished for failing to keep covenant with God (Ezekiel 4:1-8). He based his prediction on a 360-day calendar, and when we adjust for the discrepancy and take into account other portions of Scripture, we can show that the Bible predicted the exact day in 1948 when Israel became an internationally recognized nation again, and in 1967 when they recaptured their ancient capital of Jerusalem.

Go to www.hebcal.com/converter to convert these dates…

Today’s Gregorian date? Month ______________________ Day _________, Year _________________ AD./ACE

Result: ________________________________________________________ AM (Anno Mundi = year of the world)

Your Gregorian birthday? Month _______________________ Day _________, Year _________________ AD/ACE

Result: _______________________________________________________ A.M (Anno Mundi = year of the world)

Your next Biblical birthday? Day ____________ Month _______________________ 5778 / 5779 A.M.

Result: _____________________________________________________________ AD

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